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tv   FOX 13 1100 News  FOX  January 27, 2016 1:00am-1:30am EST

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off a
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like the new smoky bacon sirloin. and the parmesan crusted sirloin. only at longhorn steakhouse.
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did they tell you why they need a new chief of police? >> the old chief passed away.
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>> master of the dead pan. tag time. today, we say good-bye to the legendary abe vigoda, best known for playing the over-the-hill detective phil fish in the classic tv comedy barny miller. he was old in the '70s. he was so popular he had spinoff called "fish." so many credits to this man, his big screen role as sal va tore tessio in "the godfather." >> after the hospital thing, sonny got mad. we hit bruno italia 4:00 this morning. >> he even took one for the team in this classic super bowl snickers commercial with betty white. >> i'm open! >> that hurt. >> always spry, abe was still quick on his feet for his 90th birthday, showing off his daily workout routine alongside "barney miller" himself, hal at it for days pand now he's following through.
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prepublican presidential debate. p let's begin with that pdeveloping story. ptwo women in the hospital ptonight after someone broke into ptheir home and hurt them. pit happened in this gated pcommunity, silver thorn in pspring hill. pdeputies have released really pvery few details about exactly pwhat happened to the women, how pthey were hurt but they do tell pus the only suspect in this case pis behind bars. pman: he was taken into custody plike shortly after the incident poccurred. pthere was a short foot chase and pone of our deputies had to scale pa fence to get him. pthey caught him in the median of pthe sun coast park way. preporter: did the suspect know pthe victims? pman: we don't know this at this ptime but we tend to think it's pnot a random act. p>> the women were air lifted to pthe hospital. pdeputies say their injuries are psignificant.
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p turning to the weather, the pskies may be clear right now, pbut that certainly won't be the pcase when you wake up tomorrow pmorning. pthings could get a little rough ptomorrow. p>> already rain on the coast and pthe rain has been heavy for a ptime this evening. prain on the shore in manatee and psarasota counties. pi think the trend tonight will pbe for rain to increase. pthose of you concerned about povernight severe weather, i pdon't see it from this initial pband. pthere just isn't enough pinstability and the air is pfairly cool, there's going to be psevere weather during the day ptomorrow. pbut there's still areas of heavy prain. pbradenton and some of the pheavier showers could contain psome gusty winds and a huge bat pof rain. pand then there's also more penergy on the backside with the pcold front so a combination of pmoisture from the south and an papproaching area of low pressure
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pto add up to a very wet and pstormy wednesday. pwe'll talk more about that and a pweekend preview coming up at p11:20. p>> we continue to follow now a pnews alert out of st. pete where pofficials are on the scene of a pdeadly crash. pa woman riding on a motorized pwheelchair was hit and killed. pthat's where the driver of a plexus accidently hit the woman. pshe's 43 years old. pthe intersection is expected to pbe closed for several hours as pthey investigate there. p and in tampa, sly has preopened following a hit-and-run pcrash there. olice believe the driver of a pred pick up hit a motorcyclist pand kept going north. pthat motorcyclist is in the phospital and is in stable pcondition. olice are still looking for pthat driver of the pick up.
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pfight oep yum overdoses. pin a matter of months, they've palready saved several lives. pjosh is in our newsroom tonight pwith details on this life saving pdevice. preporter: it was the same pdeputy credited with saving not pone, but two overdose patients pand he did it with an injector psmaller than my cell phone. pwoman: this trainer contins no pneedle or drug. preporter: in october of last pyear, the sarasota county psheriff's office proudly showed poff their new auto injectors. pthey're the first in the state pto have them. pthe small devices can help preverse a potentially deadly pheroin overdose. pman: we're here to help people, pnot just to arrest them, if we pcan save somebody's lives, pthat's the biggest reward. preporter: fast forward a few pmonths, happened twice. pmost recently friday when he phelped save a patient from an od
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pit's as easy as 1, 2, 3. pfirst of pull it apart. pstep two, step three, inject. pman: it really is just another plives. pexploding. resident obama calling it an pepidemic in 2015. pit's been cracking down on rescription drugs. pin sarasota county, it's been ptrending downward. pman: it's still a problem. pbut we're a long way away from pan end. pwe're still working hard to get pdown to zero. pthat's the only number we're pcomfortable with. pthat's what we're working for. preporter: deputies have more pthan 200 of those auto injectors pin the street right now. pthat number is going up as more
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p>> josh, thank you. pwell look at this. pfrom floor to ceiling and wall pto wall, marijuana filled a phome. plook at that. pdeputies busted this grill house pin a residential neighborhood pand they say it was at the top pof a supply chain. pevan is live. pdeputies say how much they found pin the house there? preporter: yeah, deputies say pthey found hundreds of pounds of pmarijuana which is worth phundreds of thousands of dollars pon the street. ptake a look. phere are some of the pictures pthat deputies showed us of the pmarijuana. pthey found 204 plants weighing p213 total pounds. pthat has a street value of p$320,000. pall on that one house. pthe plants were being grown with pthe help of fans, heat lamps, pand stolen electricity which was
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pdeputies arrested the man and pcharged him with trafficking and psaid he was likely at the top of pwhat could be a large supply pchain. pman: we don't see grow houses pof this magnitude very often, pthankfully. pthis was a very large commercial penterprise involving nearly half pa million dollars worth of drugs pright smack dab in the middle of pa residential neighborhood. pit was a recipe for disaster and pwe're glad we got it closed pdown. preporter: deputies say this not ponly gets drug off the street pbut preends drug home invasions pwhere we saw three people killed pin a drug related shooting. pneighbors where this house was psay they had no clue what was phappening here. pthe suspect was sent to the jail pand he's being held without pbond. p>> all right, thanks, evan.
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pis the scene where police say a pwoman shot her boyfriend on 17th pavenue south. pofficers were called out there pbecause of a domestic argument. pwhen they got on scene, they pwere talking to kelly and she ptold police she'll take care of pthe situation herself. pshe went inside the home, got a pgun and shot her boyfriend right pin front of officers. pshe was arrested and her pboyfriend is expected to psurvive. p we've heard him saying it pfor days and now, donald trump, ptoying with the idea of not articipating in the next prepublican debate. ptonight, his campaign manager psaid the front runner is pskipping the debate. phe criticized fox news for p"playing games ". phe had some strong words about pthe anchor. pman: i'm not a fan of kelly. pi think she's a third rate preporter. pi think she frankly, is not good pat what she does, and they can
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p>> he also took his grievances pto twitter posting this. pa poll on whether his supporters pthink he should go to the pdebate. phe was also pressuring fox news pabout ratings that without him, pno one would watch. pcould be a risky move for trump. pthursday is the final debate pbefore the iowa caucuses. ptoday, senator cruz challenged ptrump to a one-on-one debate. p again, that debate is pthursday, 9:00 p.m. on fox news pchannel and keep it right here pon fox 13, our political editor, pcraig patrick will bring you plive feed starting at noon. p the city of bradenton has a
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pshe will lead the department pnow. preporter: after 13 years in pcommand, chief michael is pretiring. pa day like today is bitter psweet, but he says the city pchose the right person to take phis job. pmelanie will be the new leader. pshe served on the st. pete olice department for 29 years pto most recently assistant chief pand promised over the next year, pofficers will see her out in the pthem. pshe is bradenton's very first pfemale police chief. pit's a change in history and she psaid the significance is not plost on her but she doesn't pthink it defines her. pwoman: i would like to think pthat i'm the right person for pthe job because of what i bring pand who i am. pthe fact that my gender might be psomething new in this role isn't
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pat this moment, i feel like the pluckiest cop alive. pto be able to stand before you pas your new chief. preporter: she beat out more pthan one hundred candidates to pearn the job. pshe'll be sworn in as chief pfebruary 16th. pas for outgoing chief, he says phe'll miss the police officers pbut looks forward to spending ptime with his family. p sarasota deputies identified pthe man whose remains were found plast fall. phis skeletal remains were found pin september along cattleman proad. pthey also found personal items plike a cell phone and a belt. pit's still not exactly clear how por when he died. p some resounded support for precess. pa house committee unanimously
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pschools provide play time for pstudents. pit's a result of push by arents. pchildren need unrestricted play ptime to express creativity, pdevelop social skills, and just pto blow off steam. pthe bill will mandate schools rovide 20 minutes of recess pevery day. ptoday's the committee vote was a pbig victory for parents. pwoman: you know, we're just pmoms at the end of the day. pwe're not professional plobbyists. pbut you don't want to get pbetween a mom and her cubs and i pjust feel like this is the right pthing to do. p>> the parents also scored a pvictory at the local level ptonight, too. pat the county school board pmeeting, the superintendent pannounced elementary schools pwill have recess or physical pactivity of some kind starting pin fall. p his family says he hasn't pleft their side. pwoman: i asked my daughter, do
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icture? psome she's -- and she's like it's pdaddy. p>> the chilly yet comforting pencounters for this family. pyou got to see this. p but first, entire buildings pon the verge of falling off into pthe pacific. pthe emergency happening right here in vineland, home of progresso, we love all kinds of chicken soups... but just one kind of chicken. white breast meat chicken every so if you're not going to make your own chicken soup tonight, do what we do...make it progresso. look at this sweet face. so sweet. ok, we're going to need a napkin gooey, flaky, happy. toaster
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3 now to a fox13 p now we've got a fox 13 news palert here. pofficials say one person is dead pfollowing a stand off with that parmed group that took over a pwildlife refuge in oregon weeks pago. pthey arrested the leader of the pgroup and a couple of his pfollowers. pshots were fired at the traffic pstop but right now it's unclear pwho shot the fires first. ptwo people were hit, one person pdead. pthe group is standing up against pthe government's actions. pwe'll keep you updated on that pdevelopment. p this video is chilling. pdozens of homes, apartment pbuildings, and businesses in pdanger of crumbling into the psea. pstorms are eroding the coast pline at an alarming rate.
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pemergency and all the buildings pthere has been evacuated. pabout a third of people who live phere are on section 8 housing. pin order for them to move to panother apartment, they have to pget paper work from the housing pauthority. pone man says he's been asking pfor that paper work ever since phe received notices about the papartments being in danger and pthat was over a week ago. pman: even if the housing pauthority does come down here pand finally gives me the paper pwork i've been screaming for for ptwo weeks, i'm starting the papartment hunt and search all pover again without resources. pthere's a lot of people getting pdisplaced and becoming homeless pfault. pthat's not fair. p>> it's a bureaucratic mess.
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plarge bolder at the bottom of pthe cliff. pthey're relying on help from pstate and federal aid. p guess who's back? pthose blood thirsty pirates. pcannons firing, yes the pirates pare back for fun. pthey came riding in on the boat pand theent ponce again, they demanded that pthe mayor surrender the key to pthe city. pbut mor not pman: you know i will fight to pthe death. pthat ain't happening, brother. p>> did you pyou're going to die." quite a pthreat there. phis refusal has sparked an pimpasse.
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pon saturday and the mayor will phave no choice but to surrender. pi heard the script plays out plike this and the mayor -- and pthen we all have fun and have a pbig parade. pthat's how all wars should end. p grab your beads, 11:30 a.m., pyou'll see them coming in and pthe parade of pirates on bay pshore that starts at 2:00. pafter the gasperilla docks at 1 p11:00, they have brunch. p>> you've handled this as a rofessional. p>> i feel like i'm ready. p>> we'll see you on saturday. ace yourself and keep your pshirt on. pthat's important, too. p>> that will be tough. p let's take a look outside. pthere's a lot going on.
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prain has been heavy along the pcoast line, it really is a sign pof things to come. pit's going to be an active night ptonight and most of tomorrow pinto thursday is going to be pbusy as well. pyou think back to 36 hours ago, pwe were shivering. pwe had a north cold wind. pthe air mass was ridiculously pdry. pthis is how things change pquickly in an el nino year. pthe jet stream is moving so fast pthat is pushes the air mass away pand the tropical air mass coming pup from the south. pthe good news is in the short pterm, none of this is severe. pi know a lot of you, obviously pin sarasota county have seen pthis late at night with rain papproaching and rotation. pthere's no rotation inside these pthunder storms, that's good. pthere could be brief, gusty pwinds. ptomorrow though, energy papproaching from the west, may pbe a little daytime heating. psome of the thunder storms could
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ptornado threat, this go around, pit fairly low. pnot nearly as high as it was a pcouple of saturdays ago where pthere was a lot of dynamics in pthe atmosphere. pyou have heavy rain all the way pdown the south west of florida pbay. pthat's moving generally our way. pthis is also in play, too. pthis has to ride along the psubtropical jet. pthat will be approaching us plater tomorrow and tomorrow pnight. pthis is going to be a long pduration event. pit's going to be a lot of rain pand going to last at least 24-36 phours. pa few strong storms on pwednesday. pstrong wind is the main threat. psome thunder storms could be protating which means ultimately pcould be a tornado possible. pi don't see it as a huge threat. pwe'll keep you posted on that. pone of the biggest threats is pgoing to be rain. pa lot of heavy rain, at least an pinch or two in spots. psome of the models are pumping
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pup from the south west. pone surge of moisture along the pcoast line, there's the papproaching cold front, that pwill be coming our way, that pwill not move fast and if you plook closely, back here, you phave the little kink jet stream phere, that's the energy that has pto come through. pthe rain over us now is not preally part of the energy back phere. pthat's why i don't think we'll ptonight. pfuture cast, the rain is onshore ptomorrow. pkind of hit-and-miss late in the pday. pthe front will still be west of pus tomorrow evening. pthere's still more rain to tell pand not a good day for outdoor pactivities tomorrow. pif you have any outdoor plans,
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pfriday to get things done. peven thursday doesn't look all pthat great. prain and a few thunder storms pafter midnight tonight. pwe stay in the mid 60s. pcoming up for tomorrow, periods pof rain, a few thunder storms, pwill be diminishing later in the pday. pstill a pretty wet day in the p70s and thunder storms on pthursday should be ending as the pwinds shift late in the day. pwednesday and thursday, pobviously, not so good. pfriday and the weekend poutstanding. p68 degrees for gasperilla and a pgood boating day. pthat's important. p68 for a high. p70s on sunday and more psignificant chill the following pweekend arriving maybe thursday pand friday. plots going on. p>> smooth seas on saturday for pall the pirates. p coming up, a widows story of
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pwh this is violet. she's been waiting for this moment for awhile. wouldn't think twice about. her first bowl of cheerios. because now that cheerios are gluten free, violet, and many others are enjoying their first
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it's been nearly 10 months since a p it's been almost 10 months psince a helicopter crashed over porlando. pthree people died. pthe wife of one of those victims pis speaking out. pshe says life without her phusband has been difficult and pshe's constantly looking for psubtle signs that he's still pnear. pand she's finding some. pshe spoke to valerie. pwoman: i have good days and bad pdays. preporter: angela says life has pbeen sad and lonely since her phusband larry was killed last pmarch. pshe had planned to go with harry pand his friends but luckily pbacked out. pwoman: my mother broke her pshoulder a week before and pdecided not to go. preporter: angela had a bad pfeeling about the trip. pwoman: he said i'll be fine and pi said i don't know i just feel pgood. preporter: she later got a
1:28 am
pwoman: it said helicopter pcrashed into a two story pbuilding and i can't reach him. preporter: investigators say pbruce, his wife, and harry died pafter the helicopter crashed pinto the guest house of this pcollege park home. pwoman: i would do anything to pbring him back. preporter: five months after the pcrash, something incredible phappened after she passed the pairport he took home from. pwoman: i snapped a picture of pthe sky and i posted it on pfacebook. pand i said i hate driving by phere. preporter: after she posted the icture of the clouds and sky, pone of her friends said look a plittle closer at the photo. pwoman: i asked my daughter, do pyou see something on the icture? pand she said it's daddy. pthis is the head up here along pthe top, you can see the eyes pand the nose and then like his parm goes down here. pyou can see his ear and then you pcan see his hair. pand that was over the airport. pand i feel like he wanted me to
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